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Adolescent In Person

Our intensive outpatient program for adolescents is designed to support individuals ages 12 – 18 that are struggling with a variety of mental health conditions and personal challenges. Whether your child has been recently diagnosed or has been living with a mental health condition for years, our group can provide a place for them to explore the roots of disordered thoughts and behavior while learning new skills.

Our adolescent IOP is held in person at our Eugene office location three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) from 2:30pm – 5:30pm. This IOP is facilitated by a team of therapists with experience treating a variety of mental health conditions. During IOP, clients have the opportunity to learn and practice skills such as DBT, CBT, communication skills, coping skills and more. We strive to provide individualized care by addressing skills and topics based on the current needs and interests of the group. Additionally, we aim to provide an enriching environment by bringing in guest presenters, such as dieticians and yoga instructors. Clients also have the opportunity to meet with a therapist weekly for an individual check ins throughout their time in IOP. We believe that our clients deserve a space that is free of discrimination and we work with clients of all ages, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, experiences, and needs.

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